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Best Christian Design was founded in 2009 by Phil Adams & Stephen Costello. While searching for inspiration on an upcoming project the pair discovered countless galleries showcasing the latest trendy and beautiful websites, the problem however was few of these galleries featured the best church websites.

Phil says, “As we searched through the most popular web galleries we discovered some of the best church websites but not nearly enough credit was being given to the amazing work produced within the Christian community.”

An initial thought developed into a conversation and finally lead to a mission to create a gallery which showcased the best christian websites. Not only would the gallery feature the best church websites but also sites relating to ministries, missions and christian music.

Over the next three weeks Stephen & Phil spent many late nights planning, branding, researching and coding Best Christian Design. “It wasn’t easy working a 9-5 then finding the time and strength to take on another big project at home but we knew it would pay off in the end”, recalled Stephen.

In July of 2009 Best Christian Design was officially launched providing a central location to explore the best church websites. Since then the site has achieved great success attracting thousands of visitors each month from every corner of the globe.

While Phil & Stephen admit the Best Christian Design is primarily about showcasing design and creativity the pair are adamant there is much more to the site… “We want to promote the best church websites for sure but in doing that we want to make famous the name of JESUS. Sadly culture today doesn’t have much time for the church or JESUS. We hope Best Christian Design can play a small part in showing the world that both the church and JESUS are still very much relevant and alive today”.

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