christian website tips

Christian Website Tips

We all need a little help when it comes to Christian website tips so here’s our 10 top Christian website tips to help make your website a great success.

Be the king of your Domain

The first of our Christian website tips is simple… If you are using a free domain from your ISP, dig deep and fork out $10 for your own .com address. Most domains require no or little setup and make things look much more professional.

Ban the splash page

Back in the 90’s it was good to have a splash page but this is the 21 century. Skip the annoying hassle and take users directly to the content they came for in the first place.

Content Is everything

You can have the most amazing design but without good content which people need or want to read your wasting time. Take the time to write good, exciting content which is easy to update.

Follow the generic header setup

The general format for a website header is… logo top left, contact details to the right and navigation below. This is common in around 90% for websites and its works. Users understand the system so don’t try to be start. Keep it simple stupid.

Condense your menu

Don’t overwhelm visitors to your site with a hugh menus. Keep the navigation simple by grouping related items together into a single drop-down. Always add a ‘home’ link to the menu.

Use headings

Give each new section of a page it’s own heading. Don’t be afraid to have multiple headings on the one page. If they are necessary fire away, headings are also great for SEO.

Nothing wrong with consistency

Don’t be tempted to make every page different. Consistency in a website is good. It makes like easy for the user and also requires less maintenance in the long-run for yourself.

Make it easy for people to get in touch

Link to your contact form from your main menu and footer area. It’s also a good idea to link to it from every other page on the site (where possible).

Use an accent colour for links

Links in the general body of your page can be really useful but only if people can see them. Make your links stand out from the overall text and changing the colour or underlining them.

Media are your friend

There’s nothing worse than block after block of text. Use images and videos to break up those long blocks of content. There’s lots of free resources available so no excuses people!

That’s it folks, our list of 10 Christian website tips, we hope these go a little way in making your site a success. If you would like a follow up with more Christian website tips drop us a line!

Stephen Costello

Stephen Costello is a designer and writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. A graduate of the Ulster of Ulster, he has spent the last 10 years crafting his skills in various design/development roles. Away from the design, Stephen heads up the creative team at Grace Generation Church.


  1. Laurie Neumann

    These are good tips for making a clean, easy to navigate website. I agree with the elimination of the splash page – I’m glad that went out. I think they were very frustrating.

    I think the important elements of a website, as you have mentioned, are to make it clear, attractive, easy to find what you’re looking for, and offer great content.

  2. Jane Dee

    These tips are great! I will use them for my site, thanks for posting.

  3. Stephen Costello

    Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate you taking the time to read this post.

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