free stock images church

Free stock photos for your Church

One struggle I always came across when developing church websites is good photography. I’ve wrote before about the difference nice imagery can make to your…

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christian website tips

Christian Website Tips

We all need a little help when it comes to Christian website tips so here’s our 10 top Christian website tips to help make your…

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social media tips church

Social Media Tips for Churches

In the past a churches online activity centered solely around their website and while that was fine 5 years ago today is a different story….

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church website guide

Good church website guide

Are you hoping to build a good church website or maybe improve an existing one? Here’s some tips to consider when planning your next project…

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best christian book covers

20 Stunning Christian Book Covers

They say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” however it’s hard not to. We appreciate all forms of good design including great christian book…

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shaun groves interview

Shaun Groves

At we are always trying to bring your relevant interviews and insight from exciting people in the Christian internet community. In this edition we…

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tim challies interview

Tim Challies

Best Christian Design has had the privelege to interview Tim Challies – the blogger, author and designer.¬† is one of the most widely used…

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internet church missions

The Internet – A New Mission field

We are all familiar of mission fields like china, india, the middle east and even the mission field of our local area. But in the…

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jon longnecker

Jonathan Longnecker

Jonathan Longnecker is one of the partners along side Nate Croft at the fantastic design company FortySeven Media. He¬† kindly agreed to answer some questions…

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first day

An amazing first day!

As many of you know yesterday (Wednesday 22nd July) was the official launch of BestChristianDesign. As the Facebook group membership grow and more people replied…

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why should christians care

Why should Christians care?

Why should Christians care about having high quality designs? There is a lot of ways that this question could be answered but the easiest answer…

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