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Social Media Tips for Churches

In the past a churches online activity centered solely around their website and while that was fine 5 years ago today is a different story. The greatest online tool a church has apart from it’s own website is social media. Social media (Facebook/Twitter) is now driving the internet and it’s important that your church stays up to date and engaged in the conversation. We have put together 5 social media tips for churches to help get you started.

Social Media Tips for Churches

These tips are the very basics of the business but if you follow them through it will be a success for both you and the Kingdom. Here’s out 5 social media tips for churches.

Cover the big-guns

There are tons of social media platforms (websites) out there however it’s impossible to cover every base. To get started we suggest you join and base your activity around the two big-guns, Facebook and Twitter. These profiles will reach the vast majority of your community and give you the greatest opportunity at exposure. Keep in mind social media isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ environment, people may use Twitter but not Facebook and vise-versa so it’s important to use both. This is the most basic of the social media tips for churches.

Be Constant, Be Correct

Tweeting/Posting doesn’t take very long so commit to posting at least twice everyday. As Christians we can make this easy by posting Bible verses or quotes however don’t limit your posts to that, inform users of upcoming events or exciting news from your church. Another tips is to ALWAYS be positive, never use your social media profile to complain or talk negative about any situation. Finally, always double double check your spelling.

Website Traffic

Social media is a great way of providing snippets of information but it’s sometimes impossible to get the whole message across in 140 characters. One of the main goals of your social media profile should be directing users to your website. Link your posts to your homepage or news feed are often post your web address with hash tags relating to your town/location. Use your profile descriptions to point to your main website also.


Don’t just post then walk away, get involved in some conversation. If you see an interesting status like it or retweet it. When people retweet you go back and say thank you. If comments are left on your Facebook post reply and answer the questions. These are really simple steps but can make all the difference in growing your online following.

Link Account

The last of our social media tips for churches is a big time saver. A great addition to social media in recent years is the ability to ‘link’ accounts. You can now simultaneously tweet to Twitter and post to Facebook in one go. This is incredibly simple and can be done through varius websites/apps. Check out ‘Hootsuite’ and register for a free account. This will cut the time required to manage your accounts by at least half.

As we said earlier these are 5 basic social media tips for churches. If you would like more detailed information please contact us and we will consider a more details look at social media tips for churches.

Stephen Costello

Stephen Costello is a designer and writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. A graduate of the Ulster of Ulster, he has spent the last 10 years crafting his skills in various design/development roles. Away from the design, Stephen heads up the creative team at Grace Generation Church.

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