why should christians care

Why should Christians care?

Why should Christians care about having high quality designs?

There is a lot of ways that this question could be answered but the easiest answer and most obvious answer is simply because God has called us to care. Not to care for men’s praise or money but to care with all our mind, strength and soul for the Glory of God.

To Glorify God means to put Him above all other things. Therefore,God should not have to settle for second best in our lives and whatever we do for God must not be done half heartedly.

This is where I believe Christians in the past and still today have failed. People have the attitude that as long as the content is there nothing else matters. However, it does matter. It matters because somewhere along the line someone said to themselves, “Awk, that will do”. That is not a Biblical phrase. But this is: “So, wether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Cor 10v31

I am not saying that God is more Glorified through a brilliantly designed website than badly designed website. But I am saying that if the Badly designed website was made with the attitude “Awk, that will do” then that is not God Glorifying.

Ecclesiastes 8 v 10 says “Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might.” So If you are in any way envolved in a christian website, in printing tracts, in church leaflets, I recommend that you do it with all your might. From start to finish, from content to design, from the idea to the completion, do it with all your might to the Glory of God.

Because our God deserves High Qaulity.

Stephen Costello

Stephen Costello is a designer and writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. A graduate of the Ulster of Ulster, he has spent the last 10 years crafting his skills in various design/development roles. Away from the design, Stephen heads up the creative team at Grace Generation Church.


  1. Richard logan

    Totally agree!!
    God gave us His BEST – His Son Jesus – we can never repay Him, but that doesn’t excuse us from trying. We must give Him our best. It’s the least we can do!

  2. Nathan Sarlow

    I have to agree with your answer but disagree (to some point) with your rationale.

    I believe it should be good because it’s important. In the media saturated world we live, the church (and Christians) need to be taken seriously. This wont happen with the new generations unless they are perceived to be relevant.

    Eye-candy will help set the tone of any type of message you want to get out there, so if you have the resources to bump your designs, I’d say its essential.

    Some reasons where I think your reasoning falls down.

    1. For most people, doing something to YOUR best, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s high quality or even good (regardless of what your mother thinks).

    2. I think your ‘because God has called us to care’ is quite vague and can be taken well out of context. If I apply the same loose argument, I could say that God has called me to wear Armani suits every day.

    3. Both your Cor and Ecc verses reflect what our personal attitude should be, but don’t say anything about ‘if you can’t do it, get someone who can’.

    I think the problem with Churches is that most don’t see the intrinsic value of quality design, so very few will ever see the need to pay for or source it.

    Others feel its a service that should be donated to the work of God, just like the guy that mows the lawn or the lady that plays the organ. Unfortunately a lot of churches just don’t have a professional designer at their disposal.

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